Hero Wand Desktop 2650

Brand Launch Wand

Wand came to us with a collection of innovative technologies with one request: “Tell us what our app should be.” Our proposal to them: A messaging app like no other—one that empowered users to go beyond chat to getting things done. We then wrote a pitch presenting the concept to Walt Mossberg and his Re/code Conference.
Wand Brainstorming
We built the brand from the ground up. Because Wand interacts with a multitude of brands, we wanted to keep the primary colors basic, and use accent colors for an electric pop when needed. We applied this to their homepage, whose subject matter fixated on introducing the concept of actionable messaging, and the world of things you could do with it.
Wand Logo
Wand Mockups Browser Phone 01
Our launch video was animated using hand-drawn stills from local artist Kersey Barrett-Tormey.
Wand Video Player